The courses are aimed at people over the age of 14, students of secondary music schools or university students wishing to improve their violin or cello skills. However… if you are under the age of 14 but you know that YAM Online is an extraordinary opportunity for your development, convince us that it is worth changing the above principle [describe / tell us in video recording].

Fill in the Application Form [available by clicking APPLY at www.yamasterclass.com], remember to attach a link with your recording [playing an instrument] and write to us or record a video-business card in which you justify why you should get the YAM scholarship Online. Remember! Show us your musical achievements, passions and what you do in your daily life. We are looking not only for great young talents, but also for music personalities!

For your application, i.e. a correctly filled in Application Form [with full information, links to recordings] and e-mail confirmation of sending the Application Form to the following address: hi@yamasterclass.com we will wait until 03/08/2020. h. 23:59. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Video material with a recording of your performance – repertoire from the periods: classicism, romanticism and 20th century music, should be at least 10 minutes long but not longer than 30 minutes. The video business card should be at least 1 minute long, but not longer than 3 minutes. Remember! The video material must be of good quality so that the candidate’s identity and the convergence of the audio and video layers can be determined. The video should be as up-to-date as possible, i.e. you can record it for us, or present a recording of your performance from 2019. Recordings should be sent in the form of a link to the recording, e.g. on youtube, not as a file via the Application Form [available after clicking APPLY at www.yamasterclass.com].

Lessons with the Teachers are free, i.e. without salary costs for the Teacher, while the condition for attending the Lessons is to qualify for the Young Arts Masterclass Online and receive a scholarship, i.e. the opportunity to study under the supervision of outstanding teachers and participate in webinars with our trainers. The costs related to the provision of an internet connection or technical measures are the responsibility of the Course Participant.

The lesson with the teacher will take place via online communication programs: Zoom Video Communications, or Messenger, or Skype. Dates and times of the classes will be indicated to a person qualified for the Lessons by the Organizer of the Courses.

Via Zoom Video Communications – communication program.

No, a person qualified for the Courses may attend Lessons only with one of the teachers [4 Lessons, 45 minutes each]. In addition, he/she will have the right to participate in webinars with trainers.

The Organizer will select Participants from among the submitted applications that meet the criteria of Young Arts Masterclass Online. The Organizer makes decisions based on the subjective assessment of the submitted application and is not obliged to justify its decision, also regarding the assignment of the Participant to the YAM Online Teacher. The decision is final and cannot be appealed.

As part of participation in the Young Arts Masterclass Online, each Participant is guaranteed 4 online solo lessons (45 minutes each)with an assigned Teacher and classes with Trainers according to the schedule set by the Organizer.

Indication of your preferred Teacher in the Application Form is not synonymous with assigning you to Lessons with them. We will take it into account, but the final choice is up to the Organizer.

In the event that the Lesson is shortened or will not take place for reasons attributable to the Teacher, then the Participant will be offered a different date for conducting the Lesson in whole or in the appropriate part of the unfinished Lesson (more than 10 minutes of reduction) in the Courses time interval.

In the event that the Lesson is shortened or will not take place for reasons not attributable to either the Teacher or the Organizer, then the Participant is not entitled to catch up the Lesson.

As part of the classes, we will ask you to register the classes with the Teacher. The materials will be used to promote the Courses and the activities of the Young Arts Foundation, but remember – you cannot record entire lessons for your own needs or distribute recordings to third parties! Any form of recording the Lessons, without the prior written consent of the Organizer, in particular recording or photographing, is prohibited.

By writing to us at hi@yamasterclass.com, you will receive further information once you have qualified for the Courses.